Monday, 31 January 2011

NEWS RELEASE: Burnley Bondholders appoint Brandspankin’ for PR brief

National and Regional media targeted to help change perceptions of the town and borough

A CONSORTIUM of Burnley’s largest businesses and organisations has appointed Marketing and PR agency Brandspankin’ to generate positive coverage across national and regional media and promote the Pennine Lancashire town as a great place to live, work, visit and invest.

The Burnley Bondholders group has been working towards transforming perceptions of Burnley for two years and have committed financially to promoting investment opportunities, relocation to the area and tourism.

Kevin Keith, Burnley Brand Manager, said: “Burnley Bondholders are not followers, they are leaders: people and organisations in Burnley who believe passionately that our town is a great place to do business, who believe more of the right people need to know the right things about Burnley, who champion our world-class aerospace industry; our advanced manufacturing expertise; our all-new schools, college and university, and our breathtaking countryside.”
“Brandspankin’ were selected for this important account in part due to their solid track record of delivering media coverage at regional and national level – it is vital more of the right people know the right things about Burnley - but also due to their drive and determination to show the rest of the northwest and beyond, that Burnley is open for business. We are delighted to have them on board.”

In the first twelve months, the Burnley Bondholder scheme has 90 members representing 50 businesses and organisations, including many of the town’s largest and best-known employers, Aircelle, Burnley FC, Veka Plc and Moorhouses Brewery. In addition to supporting promotional work, Bondholders also enhance the pride the people of Burnley feel about their town.

Julian Jordan, Brandspankin’s Managing Director, said: “Brandspankin’ is delighted to be awarded this contract. It means a great deal to me personally. I made a choice to move back up here from London as I felt it was a better place to bring up my kids.”
“We share the confidence that so many world-class companies have in Burnley. We share the determination that pupils, students and teachers have to excel in Burnley’s new schools, colleges and university. We share the delight of visitors who roam our magnificent countryside or stately homes. We share all of this because we are local - this is our place of business, our place of pleasure, our place to prosper, and we are determined to ensure many others can share this too.”


About Burnley Bondholders

Burnley Bondholder’s are an influential group of organisations, predominantly from the private sector, who believe what is good for Burnley is good for business, and so contribute financially to promoting the Pennine Lancashire town as a place to live, work visit and invest. Bondholders believe more of the right people need to know about Burnley’s world class aerospace industry; new schools, colleges and university; nationally significant industrial heritage, and breathtaking countryside.

Friday, 21 January 2011

NEWS RELEASE: Harry Garlick appoints Brandspankin’ for PR and social media brief

Harry Garlick appoints Brandspankin’ for PR and social media brief

ELECTRICAL retailer, Harry Garlick Ltd has this week announced that they have appointed Pendle Marketing business, Brandspankin’ to manage their PR and social media marketing activity.

Having been trading for nearly 60 years, Harry Garlick is one of the best known companies in the East Lancashire and North Yorkshire areas - and besides its retail outlets has a significant online presence.

The company has built a solid reputation for service and reliability and now feels that the full range of its retail offering - and the service it offers - needs to be understood more clearly by a new generation of savvy consumers.

Ian Scothern, Harry Garlick’s Commercial Director, commented: “Over decades we’ve evolved from a TV shop and repair business, to a significant retail player, across the North West and beyond - we’re now one of the top 20 independent retailers in the UK. Our values however, remain as they always were – competitive on price, and excellent on service. To communicate this, we required an agency that understood our business, our customers and our values, so we’re delighted to have appointed Brandspankin’.”

Julian Jordan, Brandspankin’s Managing Director, added: “Harry Garlick is a business with a long track record of excellent service across East Lancashire and North Yorkshire. Besides their retail presence they have 64,000 square feet of warehouse space at their Earby distribution hub and head office. They’re a member of Euronics, the UK’s biggest buying group - all of which means they can offer great deals to people and we’re looking forward to getting that message out there. By using PR and social media marketing, Harry Garlick don’t just provide cutting edge household electrical equipment, they also use cutting edge ways of communicating with their customers and prospects!”