Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Social Media and Media Relations courses

BrandSpankin' has just completed the March Social Media and Media Relations course and again we've had some excellent attendees, representing businesses including Daviker Software (www.touchstarccs.co.uk), Weighing Scales Limited (www.weighingscalesltd.co.uk), Function Factory Theatre (www.functionfactorytheatre.co.uk) and Four Seasons Gardening.

Given the popularity of the courses to date (and some of the excellent successes previous attendees are now reporting), we're rolling them out and we'll be considering doing them further afield - with Liverpool and Manchester being possible/likely locations.

To support our efforts, LMA (www.lmaaccountants.com) will be selling spaces on courses from May, as well as managing grant applications for those businesses looking to have their attendees fully funded.