Friday, 11 December 2009

No really...Happy Christmas!

I love/hate this time of year. Overbearing sentimentality, commercial meltdown, mountains of Chinese manufactured plastic shite that the kids don't really want, hideous food. Then on the upside there's the mulled wine, office parties, the excitement of my kids on Christmas Eve, the Wizard of Oz.

Still, I don't see why we can't get it over in a long weekend then crack on - I've got work to do, you know.

Anyroad up, whatever you're doing - I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. There...I said it.

Here's the BrandSpankin' Christmas eshot...

Social Media isn't just for idiots...

I read an interesting post on LinkedIn yesterday. A guy from the North West Directors group was clearly trying to be contraversial by suggesting that, in his words, "only idiots think that social media works."

I countered by pointing out that "only idiots DON'T think social media works." And if you think he's right and I'm wrong, here's a story we carried on iSM yesterday...

Dell earns $6.5million from Twitter sales

COMPUTER maker Dell has announced that it has sold $6.5m worth of equipment by using microblogging website Twitter.

This sales figure represents something of a late surge – as recently as June this year the company said it had made $3m of sales via Twitter over the previous two years.

Whilst only a fraction of the $12.3bn sales in the company’s latest financial quarter, it is growing rapidly. The message to businesses is that social media represents a viable way of getting your message out there and generating revenue.